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About Us

Creative Building and Remodeling

At Creative Building & Remodeling, it is our goal to make your home renovation process smooth and hassle-free. We employ experienced contractors who specialize in kitchen and bath remodeling and get it done right the first time.
Creative Building & Remodeling offers you the latest techniques and products from our industry; all the while keeping pace with the changing technology and new innovations.
As your leader in the home remodeling industry for 35 years, our job is to create meticulously designed, elegant kitchens and baths with your satisfaction guaranteed at every stage of the project. A 10-Year Labor & Material Warranty accompanies every service we provide at Creative Building & Remodeling. We pride ourselves on being extremely reliable and detail-oriented, which is why our customers come back time and time again. We understand that this is a competitive industry, so we invite you to call us for a free estimate and to learn why we are the best at what we do.

Our Family is Dedicated to Helping Yours

Creative building started as a father and son operation over 30 years ago. Our two presidents were Jerry Sr. and Jerry Jr. that began building and installing cabinets out of our garage. Their goal was to establish trust and build their reputations with clients, and we have kept that reputation going to this day. We brought on Lorrie over 20 years ago to run the books and handle our scheduling operations. She has been loyal to us and a significant asset to Creative.

Jerry Sr. brought in his son-in-law Todd to start selling kitchen and baths over 20 years ago. Todd has been our number one Salesman for many years. Jerry Sr. brought in his youngest son Mikey, who became one of the best bathroom installers, who is now our field Supervisor. Mikey can do and fix anything that comes our way with older homes. 

Unfortunately, Jerry Sr. is no longer with us, but Jerry Jr. did everything in his power to continue to make Creative a success. Our entire team is beyond proud of Jerry for making Creative what it is today. Jerry Jr. has now brought in his son Mitch, who is running our field measuring operations, along with our ordering process.

Jerry Jr. has also brought in his son-in-law Jake, who is selling kitchen and baths for Creative. Jake is on his way to becoming a great Salesman for this company. We have many great installers who do one kitchen and bath, and some have been loyal to us for 25 years! Chuck, who runs our back shop, has been with us for over ten years and is a significant asset to us, with all-out custom cabinets and operations in the shop.

Creative truly is the definition of family-owned and could not continue without our team’s dedication to our clients and to each other. Everyone here keeps us going and continue to earn the trust of customers and building our reputation.

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling is Now More Affordable Than Ever!

For over 30 years, Creative Building & Remodeling has been improving the value and livability of homes in Oakland and Macomb counties. Specializing in both kitchen and bathroom remodels, our experience handles everything from kitchen cabinets, flooring, lighting, and countertops to bathroom fixtures, tiles, and cabinetry. Whether you envision a functional kitchen island, expanded cabinets, or a revamped bathroom with modern amenities, our experts guide you through every step. Backed by a 10-year labor and material warranty, our commitment ensures lasting satisfaction. Contact us for a remodel that transforms both your kitchen and bathroom into spaces you'll cherish for years to come.
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Our Clients Love Our Work
These guys were great. Todd, Mitch, Mike. Lorrie (probably forgetting a couple more names) and the team were fantastic to work with. Off the bat their prices were very competitive compared to other companies. Probably would've costed us another 5-10K going with a bigger name company. They completed the kitchen in a good amount of time, were clean, always kept me in the loop. The final product looks amazing. Highly recommend working with these guys. Daniel B. | Read More Testimonials